God’s Power, God’s Pardon and God’s Peace

Centuries ago our ancestors made a great blunder when they tried to portray God in visible or tangible ways. They depicted Him in grotesque images of men, or birds, or animals, or reptiles (The Bible, Romans 1.23). The Saviour said that “God is Spirit”, and a spirit is intangible and invisible. As to outward form, God does not resemble any one, or any thing. However, His character can be known, and His attributes and attitudes can be understood.

The Bible is our source of information about God.

  • It tells us about HIS POWER. That power brought the universe into being (Romans 1.20). He only had to speak, and from nothing, the vast cosmos was put in place (Genesis 1). That same power raised Christ from the dead after He had suffered on the cross for our sins (Ephesians 1.19-20). It resides in the Gospel, and is unleashed to save the soul when the message is believed (Romans 1.16). It keeps believing souls on the right road until they arrive safe in Heaven (1 Peter 1.5). Determination and will power could never accomplish that, for the devil is strong and temptations are many; it needs the power of God.

  • It tells us about HIS PARDON. The forgiveness of sins is a must for all of us, for “all the world” is “guilty before God” (Romans 3.19). The sins that we have all committed have disturbed our relationship with God, and debar us from heaven and condemn us to hell; hence the necessity for pardon. The good news is that He is “ready to pardon” (Nehemiah 9.17). To allow God to forgive us justly, His Son had to die on the cross “for our sins” (1 Corinthians 15.3). To receive His pardon, we must repent and believe on the Saviour. “Whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins” (Acts 10.43).

  • It tells us of HIS PEACE. A sense of guilt and the fear of death and eternity blight the lives of many people. These fears can be replaced by what the Bible calls, “the peace of God”. It is one of the blessings that accompany the forgiveness of sins. Find a Bible. Read in the Gospel by Luke chapter 7 verses 36-50. Notice the words of our Lord Jesus Christ to a woman whose sins He had just forgiven. “Go in peace”. He said that her faith had saved her. Have you placed your faith in Him for the salvation of your soul? It is only as you receive Him who is called “the Prince of Peace” that you will enjoy peace with God, and the peace of God in your heart.