Brief History of the Welcome Assembly

At one time, the Assembly met in an old hall in Water Lane that backed onto the river. In 1929 the present building, in the High Street, was bought from two ladies named Perks who had rebuilt the hall in the 1800's for work with soldiers and their families.

Winchester was then a large garrison city with several famous regiments based here including the Royal Greenjackets, who were housed in the barracks at the top of the upper High Street next to the Law Courts.

The Welcome was orginially 'The Soldiers Welcome' and provision was made at the hall to supply food and care for the soldiers.

Both Miss Perks had a real heart to reach people with the gospel, so they provided a place where service men and their families could come and find a warm welcome and a spiritual home.

The assembly has continued to this day showing care in various practical ways for the many people who visit the city, some just to visit and others to make a new start in life.

We are grateful to God for the opportunities we have today to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

Below are some scans of photographs available in the hall. These tell the story of the hall over the years. You are more than welcome to come and have a look at the originals.

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